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The focus of the Owens Law Firm is the practice of civil tort litigation.  The Owens Law Firm, which boasts a style and quality of representation reminiscent of the values inspired by the “The Greatest Generation,” primarily represents clients whose matters are weighted toward defense but also represents those who suffer injuries in accidents and both individuals and businesses involved in business transactions and litigation.

Our Rich History

The late Don G. Owens, Jr. is the rock upon which the Owens Law Firm is built.  Mr. Owens was born and raised in Mississippi, moved to Memphis as a young man, and attended Southwestern University in the 1930’s.  He later worked in the Pennsylvania steel mills while playing semi-pro football.  He joined the Memphis Police Department in 1936, becoming head of the homicide division while attending Southern University Law School.  Admitted to the bar in 1940, he practiced law before becoming a special agent with the FBI in 1941.  He later joined the Marines and served in the Pacific during World War II.  He returned to Memphis to practice law, also serving in the Tennessee General Assembly in the late 1940s.   Mr. Owens, who practiced law until age 84, died in 2002.

 Mr. Owens brought his rich experience to the practice that his sons and grandson now operate.  Older son Don G. Owens, III, joined Mr. Owens in the practice in 1972 and younger son Andrew joined the firm in 1981.  Grandson, Nicholas J. Owens, Jr. joined the firm in 2002. The firm will remain small so that clients will always receive the attention of an Owens.

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The focus of Owens Law Firm is civil tort litigation.  View Practice Areas:


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